5 - Star Chef Shares: Lap Cheong Ingredients and Cooking

By: The In-House Word Chef

Lap Cheong, or Lap Cheung, is a well-loved ingredient in Chinese cuisine. A staple for Chinese New Year dishes, such as Lap Cheong Fried Rice, we had many questions. So we went to ask a five-star chef and the makers at Ideal Food, Singapore's best lap cheong makers on Hong Kong Street to ask some frequently asked questions about this ingredient. Here's what we found.

Lap Cheong Ingredients

Meat Selection

Lap Cheong sausage has several variants. The most popular flavors in Singapore are pork sausage and duck liver sausage. In other parts of China, Beef sausage and Goose Liver sausage is also manufactured.

Spices and Sauces

What ingredients are there in lap cheong seasoning? This is what makes them different from other chinese sausages.

Secret Ingredient: Rose Wine

For Ideal Foods in Singapore, their signature ingredient used in the lap cheong seasoning is their use of Rose Wine. "We have an exclusive Rose Wine brewery in China," tells it's Founder, William Seit. ", they've been with us since the beginning, and are the only ones with the Wine recipe needed to make the best lap cheong for our customers."

Cooking Lap Cheong Sausage

How to Steam Lap Cheong

Due to it's popularity, there are several ways on how to steam lap cheong. You can simple steam a bowl of washed and chopped lap cheong in a microwave. Another more popular way on how to steam lap cheong is to use a rice instant pot, or rice cooker to steam some rice first, and then steam the lap cheong in with the rice. This is one of the steps to making Lap Cheong Fried Rice.


The best lap cheong dishes often had the sausages pan fried. In the recipes below, such as Lap Cheong Omelette, lap cheong pasta, and lap cheong fried rice, requires the lap cheong to be pan fried. A tip from the Chef is to fry it up just enough to have the oils and flavor leak out of the lap cheong before tossing in the pre-steamed rice or eggs or any other ingredient so the flavors can mix.