What are Singapore's Top 5 favorite Chinese Sausages

By: The In-House Chef

Discover the different variations of Lap Cheong Sausage

Lap Cheong, or Chinese Sausage or Chinese Chorizo 腊肠, is an all-time favourite across all ages and is used in all occasions of Chinese cuisine - from Hawker Char-Kway-Teow, casual family meals, to Chinese New Year reunion dinners. The best traditional lap-Cheong in Singapore are often handmade and prepared at our Ideal Food kitchen, located in Jurong.

Now they are sold exclusively at our retail at Teck Sang on HK street in the heart of Singapore's CBD.

Our Hong-Kong style recipe range covers all 5 major favourites of the Chinese Pork Sausages from traditional style to Gourmet flavours, In this list, we outline 5 types of lap-Cheong that’s Singapore’s favourite.

Legend Behind the Dong Guan Sausage

The legend behind the Dong Guan sausage celebrates the spirit of ingenuity among food artisans. A short man handcrafted and sold sausages for a living, however due to his height, as he carried the sausages down the street, some of the longer sausages reached the ground, dragging through the mud. This would not do, he thought, and so he found ways to make the sausages shorter and taste differently to others.The smell and taste of his sausages became legendary, attracting many customers from afar.

Today, this sausage is celebrated and enjoyed by many Guang dong or Cantonese Chinese in their Chinese New Year dishes, such as Lap Mei Fan.

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